The Nakṣatra Puruṣa Vrata, wherein each part of Viṣṇdu’s body is worshipped, following the transit of the Moon in the 27 nakṣatras, is considered to be one of the supreme vratas elucidated in the purāṇas. As explained by Pulastya to Devaṛṣi Nārada in the Vāmana Purāṇa, it begins with a description of the nakṣatrāngas (parts of the body representing the different nakṣatras) of Lord Viṣṇu. The 27 nakṣatras are said to represent the Divine Body in the following manner.

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Chapter 1
Once, the sages gathered around maharṣi Jaimini and addressed him, “ O great one! You have the knowledge of the entire śāstras and you know the greatness of all the pilgrimages. Earlier you had mentioned the name of the most sacred and great pilgrimage called Puruṣottama kṣetra (region), where paramapuruṣa Śrī-Iśa Lord Nārāyaṇa Himself has assumed the form of a wooden body by emerging from a glow of light. Such is the greatness of the place that anyone having a glimpse of the lord is liberated instantaneously.

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During the Sun’s transit from the Uttarāyana to Āsāḍha Pūrṇimā (the full moon of the month of Āsāḍha), Deveśa Śripati (Lord Nārāyaṇa) retires to his Śeṣa śajyā (bed) to rest and sleep. Soon, one by one, the Gandharvas, the Goddesses and the Deva Mothers retire to their respective bedrooms. Pulastya Muni, upon Maharṣi Nārada’s request, gives a detailed description of the resting procedure of the gods starting from Lord Janārdana, in the Vāmana Purāṇa.

When the Sun is in Mithuna, on Śukla Ekādaśi, Jagatsvāmī Bhagavāna Viṣṇu goes to sleep.

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