In the Nārada purāṇa Sanat Kumār teaches, that among the mantras of Gaṇeśa, Śivā, Durgā, Sūrya, Viṣṇu, the Vaiṣṇava mantras give results most easily. Of these, the mantras of Śrī Rāma destroy all sins.

Śrī Rāma as one of the highest avatars of Lord Viṣṇu is represented by the Sun. Those who have the Sun as the Ātmākāraka or as the Iṣṭa Devatā can avail of these selective and beautiful mantras to pray to their chosen deities.

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A Study of Rāvaṇa’s Uḍḍiśa Tantra

Gati: The Direction of the Mind (Moon)
Once upon a time, many eons ago, at the time when Śrī had left the gods, Śiva blessed the High Priest of the dark side, Śukrācārya, with the unequivocal Mṛta Sañjīvanī knowledge, by which the asuras (demons) came back to life from the dead, irrevocably more powerful and supreme as conquistadors.

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Chhinnamasta is the thunderbolt, the streak of lightening, which is the Shakti of Virocana, the Supreme Self, the luminosity of the Primordial Prakasa. That is why she is Vajravairocani, the glow of the Paramatma which flashes like a lightening and shatters the skies. She is yellow and shines like a million suns, the glory of which destroys all desires and makes her a Mahayogini, the supreme exponent of yogic powers and like Vajra, pure and blazing. She epitomizes self-control by conquering sexual and selfish desires and transforming that energy into yogic energy.

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The day Sūrya enters a rāśi is known as saṁkrānti. Parāśara tells us that those born on saṁkrānti are likely to suffer from poverty, sorrow and other misfortunes. To avoid this, the grahas must be pacified by performing Navagraha Pūjā and the specific Saṁkrānti Doṣa puja as laid down by the great sage.

The names of the sa­ṁkrānti according to the seven days of the week starting from Sunday to Saturday are as follows:

A neat place in the eastern corner of the house must be cleaned.
Three heaps of paddy, rice and sesame (til) must be placed separately.

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Worship needs to be offered to a Shiva idol. He should have the sign of the Moon on his forehead, hold white rosary in his hand, be dressed in white clothes, three eyed, mounted on a bull and the hands held in vara and abhaya mudras.

The worship should begin with Varuṇa mantra.

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